Laser Engraving Machine

laser engraving machine

The X series Co2 Laser Engraving Machine is lower cost than M series, it is with Z axis adjustable table which is shorter than M series Laser Engraver, other feature is same.
In order to purchase in large quantities and reduce the cost, Redsail X series Laser Engraving Machines is the best choice; by the way, Redsail Laser Engraving Machine use the smart design, the frame of the machine can be split into 2 parts, so it is easy to be moved through the narrow door.
The laser power of Redsail X series laser engraving machines from 50W to 130W.


Redsail Laser Engraving Machine Specifications

Model X700 X900 X1390
Laser tube Water cooling Co2 sealed glass
Control system 32 Bit DSP
Drive type Stepper motor
Laser Power 50W 60W 80W
Working Size (mm) 500 x 700 600 x 900 900 x 1300
Adjust Table (mm) 200 200 No
Max speed 1000 mm/s
Image form Plt, Dxf, Bmp, Ai, Dst
Resolution 1000 DPI
Repeatability 0.01
Interface USB3.0 / USB Disk
Power 110~240V 50~60Hz
Warranty 12 Months
Machine dimensions (mm) 1160*890*1030 1370*970*942 1810*1340*960
Package dimensions (mm) 1640*990*1170 1840*1080*1170 1920*1440*1220
G. W. (Kg) 185 203 330