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What are the factors that cause errors during the cutting process of a laser cutting machine?

» What are the factors that cause errors during the cutting process of a laser cutting machine?

During the cutting process of a laser cutting machine, the beam of light is focused into a small focal point through the lens of the cutting head, achieving a high power density at the focal point. The heat input from the beam far exceeds the heat reflected, transmitted or diffused by the material. The material is quickly heated to the melting and vaporizing temperature, and a high-speed airflow blows out the melted and vaporized material from the coaxial or non coaxial side, forming holes for material cutting.

Cutting accuracy is the first factor in determining the quality of CNC laser cutting machines. The four major factors that affect the cutting accuracy of CNC laser cutting machines: the size of laser condensation in the laser generator, the accuracy of the workbench, the cone-shaped condensation of laser beams, and different cutting materials can also affect the accuracy of the laser cutting machine.

So, what are the factors that cause errors during the cutting process of laser cutting machines? Li Xing Laser Technical Engineer will answer for you.

Analysis of the reasons for errors generated by laser cutting machines during the cutting process:

1. Errors generated by programming

In the process of laser cutting machine processing, the machining trajectory on the complex surface of the electric push rod is fitted through lines, arcs, etc. These fitted curves and actual curves have certain errors, which cause certain errors in the relative position and ideal programming position of the actual focus and the surface of the processing object. And some teaching programming systems may also introduce some deviations.

2. Error in focus position

If the focus of the laser cutting machine is not aligned, it directly affects the cutting accuracy, so it needs to be calibrated and verified before operation. You can also choose a high-quality autofocus laser head when purchasing a machine to automatically focus and ensure cutting accuracy.

3. Geometric error of workpiece

The object of a laser cutting machine is a sheet metal or a covering part, and the surface of the processed object is uneven. The influence of thermal effects during the cutting process can also cause surface deformation of the sheet metal part. For laser processing, the covering part can also produce surface unevenness during the pressing and forming process, which will cause random changes in the position and ideal position of the laser focus and the surface of the processed object.

4. Error generated by workpiece clamping device

The workpiece processed by the laser cutting machine is placed on a needle shaped worktable. Due to processing errors, long-term wear between the workpiece, and laser burns, the needle bed may exhibit unevenness, which can also generate random errors in the position between the thin steel plate and the laser focus.

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