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What are the advantages of laser cutting machines in fabric cutting

» What are the advantages of laser cutting machines in fabric cutting

Laser cutting machines have higher accuracy and lower energy consumption when cutting different materials. Compared with traditional cutting methods, its accuracy and efficiency are commendable. Laser cutting technology can also allow us to cut complex shapes at a speed similar to or faster than other tools without the use of tools.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of laser cutting machines:

Non-contact process

The laser cutting machine accurately cuts the fabric without touching it, which means there is no pollution in the clothing. The beam of a laser cutting machine does not physically contact the material, but uses its heat to cut the material, thereby minimizing material costs Laser cutting provides precision similar to manual completion, but at a faster speed, which makes it more practical and allows for lower price points.

low power consumption

For companies seeking smarter jobs rather than striving to increase production while reducing costs, this is an important advantage. The cutting machine only uses approximately 10 kW of power, while other cutting processes use more 50 kW markings.

A safer way

As production increases, safety also increases. Laser cutting has high cutting efficiency and high precision for materials. Accurate and clean cutting, sealed fabric edges, and anti wear technology are very popular in the fashion industry.

Cutting different materials

High tech machines are used to cut various materials such as silk, nylon, leather, neoprene, polyester, and cotton. In addition, cutting is done without any pressure on the fabric, which means that no part of the cutting process requires anything other than a laser machine to touch the clothes. There are no unexpected marks left on the fabric, which is beneficial for delicate fabrics such as silk and lace.

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