Large Format Plotter

large format plotter

Redsail Large Format Plotter is used for education, garment CAD plotting and other industry purpose. The Wide Format Plotter is equipped with Texas 32 Bit DSP processor and look ahead algorithm, the plotting speed is fast. Redsail Wide Format Plotter use the cheap ball pen to plot, the consumable parts is low cost.

Redsail Large Wide Format Plotter Specifications

Model RS1600 RS1780 RS2000
Control system Risc micro-controller
Drive type Stepper motor
Media Size (mm) 1600 1780 2000
Plotting size (mm) 1500 1680 1900
Plotting speed 600 mm/s
Plotting force 10-500 g
Lcd display English
Resolution 1000 DPI
Repeatability(mm) 0.01
Command HPGL
Interface 232/USB
Power 90~240V / 50~60Hz
Warranty 12 Months