Laser Engraver

laser engraver

Redsail Co2 Laser Engraver use the smart design, the frame of the machine can be split into 2 parts, so it is easy to be moved through the narrow door.
The Laser power of Redsail Laser Engraver is from 50W to 80W.

Redsail Laser Engraver feature

Save Job
Increase productivity, save time and reduce operator error. Redsail Laser Engraver allows you to save job file with power settings, speed and other
important information in the machine. Run the job again later without use the computer.
Laser Color Manager
Operator can designate a color and assign specific laser engraving properties to different design elements: raster...vector...line thickness...fill in or not filled.
3 in 1 function
Redsail Laser Engraver powered by Easycut 5.1 software, it support engraving, cutting and drilling function, so it is 3 function in 1 machine.
Bar code function
No need to switch software with this optional industrial bar code application.
Serial number automatic generator
If you want to engraver the serial number, just set the beginning number and the counts, the machine can do it automatically.
Rotary attachment
Redsail Laser Engraver can work with rotary attachment for engraving cup, bottle and other cylinder.

Redsail X seriesLaser Engraver Specifications:

Model X700 X900 X1201
Laser tube Co2 sealed glass Laser tube
Control system Texas DSP
Drive type Micro-stepping motor
Laser Power 50W 60W 80W
Working Size (Inch) 20" x 28" 24" x 36" 36" x 48"
Up and down Table (mm) 160 160 No
Max speed 1000 mm/s
Image form Plt, Dxf, Bmp, Ai, Dst
Resolution 1000 DPI
Repeatability 0.01 mm
Interface PCI / USB
Power AC 110~240V/ 50~60Hz
Machine dimensions (mm) 1150*860*970 1400*960*970 1700*1260*970
Package dimensions (mm) 1270*980*1100 1520*1080*1100 1820*1380*1100
G. W. (Kg) 185 203 325